Latin, Middle Eastern and European Boys Barebacking and Jerking Off

Didier and Axel

Added: 2017-04-26

These two young Latinos have just finished showering and are in the locker room getting dressed, when Didier presents his hard cock to Axel. He leans over and takes that big uncut dick in his mouth and starts a blowjob that ends up with Didier seated on the bench next to him and pushing his head down to the base of his stiff meat. Didier wants to fuck his friend and after receiving all the oral pleasuring he can stand, Axel is bent over to receive the cock. They change positions a few times, as Didier fucks from behind, and then he pulls from to cum all over his bottom’s balls. Finally, he holds Axel in his arms, while the boy strokes from his load. And with that, the boys realize they need to hit the showers again.